Perahu Jong is a coastal folk game that still survives to this day. This Jong game originally comes from the Riau Islands. This game is played a lot by young people on the islands in the Riau Islands.

This folk game is normally played on the beach with several people, usually, the community does a Jong Boat race in a way that whoever reaches the beach or on land first, then is the winner.

The Perahu Jong game also became the main attraction for the people in Johor once upon a time, especially in Pontian and Kota Tinggi in developing this traditional game. For boat making, Jong must have his own expertise, because it is necessary to choose good wood, including 'pulai kering' wood.

To beautify the Perahu Jong appearance is usually colored with multi-colored paint. The making of a Jong boat also needs to have special expertise and must be patient and meticulous because if it is not perfect, then the Jong sailboat will sail unevenly causing it to sink or sail but not sail straight. The duration of making one Jong boat, takes about two weeks, not including painting and small rituals, so that the race can run smoothly. When the production of the jong is not accurate, the sailing of the jong boat will not be perfect, perhaps the sailing always leans to the left or to the right.

The Perahu Jong game is only used to relieve fatigue in the evening after going to the sea, usually, we play jong with four or five people on the beach.

The Johor state government continues to strive to preserve and maintain the heritage of this game by organizing jong-racing competitions as well as jong-making workshops. JKKN Johor also organized a local knowledge seminar with a theme around making and playing this jong.



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