When you think of Dodol, surely many people like him. But in Pahang, especially in the Chenor district, this steamed Dodol cake is a little different and very famous. This cake is very popular and is a dish for breakfast, afternoon tea and when breaking the fast because it is very simple and easy to make. The main ingredients to make this cake are glutinous rice flour and brown sugar. This cake is similar to normal Dodol. but the difference is the cooking method, it is cooked using steam and is not stirred like normal Dodol. When cooked, it will be sticky like dodol and taste good too. On top of this cake will be placed oil dung to add more taste to the fans of traditional cakes. This cake can be found at Pekan Sehari Temerloh (every Sunday) and Pekan Sehari Chenor (every Thursday).



100 gm black glutinous rice flour

250 gm white glutinous flour

200 gm of refined sugar

Pour enough oil

5ml cooking oil

Banana leaves / as a base

Salt to taste


1. Mix white and black glutinous flour in a flat mixing bowl

2. Then add sugar and coconut milk, and stir well

3. Add salt to taste and mix well again

4. Prepare a baking sheet and apply oil

5. Place the banana leaves, put mixture in the pan

6. Steam until cooked

7. Once cooked, sprinkle with oil and continue to serve.

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