Nira Nipah is an original drink that is still welcomed not only by the Malay community but also by other races. In the villages, the Nipah sap enterprise has given the most profitable side income. Almost all parts of the nipah tree can be used by humans.

The nipah tree or better known by its scientific name "nypa fruitions" lives in swampy, valley, and muddy areas. It has underground tendrils and the roots of this palm are usually hidden in the mud where it grows and are rarely found exposed in coastal erosion areas. The layer of air and the base of the leaves of the nipah tree give high buoyancy to the roots. Older leaves will drop when a 2-foot-long layer of decay occurs on the underside of the leaf blade. A second layer of decay appears where the broad leaves of the tree join the roots. Nipah fronds can be used as a good roof and wherever you can see the fronds of these trees are cut down but the young trees are preserved. While young leaf cuticles that have a strong outer skin, are removed, cut to size, packaged, and sold throughout the country as leaf cigarettes.

While the tree comes out at the end of the tendrils and the trunk branches and forms a similar Nipah. While the Nipah flowers, coming out through the gaps in the fronds and clustered at the end of the stem, produce fruit. After that, the fruit is trimmed to get the nectar and the nipah flower bouquet produces a lot of sugar about 1 pint a day for 3 months where the yield is approximately 11 gallons. While the Nipah sap drops can be made into alcohol or 'tuak'. In fact, the Nipah fruit is shaped like a wedge. The structure of the fruit is the same as a coconut. This fruit has coir, shell, pulp, and water. The pulp of the young fruit is edible and the ripe seeds are very hard. There are 3 types of Nipah trees among them:

I.  Sawa Nipah tree - The Sawa Nipah tree has a long stalk shape, thick fronds, and a large trunk and its lifespan is only 3 months.

i.  Copper Nipah tree - The copper nipah tree has a simple stalk shape, thickets, and fronds as well as a medium-sized trunk and a lifespan of only 2 months.

iii. Rat Tail Nipah tree -The Rat Tail Nipah tree has the shape of a stalk, a bush, and a frond as well as a small trunk except that the fruit is large and its life span is only 28 days which can produce sap.

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