Cendol is a dessert. The basic ingredients are glutinous rice flour made into green jelly, coconut milk, palm sugar and ice cubes. Other ingredients can be added in, like red beans, black jelly, and corn.

To make the green jelly the glutinous rice flour is mixed with clear water from the deposit of betel lime powder. Boil some water and when it is boiling stir in the mixture until it thickens. The thick mixture is then placed inside a mould that has many small holes underneath it. The mixture is then pressed till it comes out through the small holes into a basin of cool water below. This water must always remain cool to maintain the shape of the jelly.

Traditionally, the jelly is coloured green with pandanus leaf juice, but other colours may also be created according to one's preference. Cendol is normally served with ice cubes, diluted palm sugar and coconut milk. Nowadays, glutinous rice and condensed milk as well as fruits are also added in.


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