In brief story, the traditional game of Kabaddi is a traditional game for Indians who come from South India. A team usually has 7 to 12 players to play in a court that has been marked in a four-sided space. The game will usually take 20 minutes for each round of the match. The way to play this game is by, the opposing team will send an attacker to touch one of the members of the opposing team. If touched, the player will lose and be removed from the ring on the field.

Attacking players will try to run past the center line and try to touch the opposing players. After touching as many opposing players as they can, they will run back to their own area.

Attacking players can touch the opponent by using hands, feet and also some other ways.

The defenders will try to catch them and ensure that this attacking player is not able to touch the center line. The attacking player must keep chanting kabaddi, kabbadi, kabaddi!.

The attacking and defending teams will alternate until the first 20 minutes are over. Followed by a 5 minute break and another 20 minutes for the second half.

In the second half, the 2 fighting teams will switch areas. The team that collects the most points is the winner.

This game is similar to the game of Galah Panjang or Toi for the Malay community in Peninsular Malaysia.


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