Kercang is a type of traditional Malay game. This game is usually made of rattan arranged in layers according to the level of difficulty. The first stage is the easiest followed by the second, third, and so on.

This game was popular among the natives and Malays who lived in and around the Endau Rompin forest once upon a time. But now the Malay community has forgotten it and it is only played occasionally among the Orang Asli such as the Jakun ethnic group when there are foreign visitors as a show.

The philosophy of this game is to find a way out of getting lost in the forest. The rope that can be moved between the layers of cane is likened to a traveler who gets lost in the forest and steps over obstacles to get out of the way. The rattan layers are symbolized by the surface conditions found in the forest such as ravines, gorges, ridges, and so on. The player who first manages to free the rope trapped in the middle of the layer of nuts is considered to be the winner of the competition in this game.

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