Chang Nyonya cake is a traditional food of the Peranakan Baba Nyonya community. This cake is also known as "Bak Chang". The word 'Bak' means meat. This cake is made of rice or glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves. Chang Nyonya is filled with meat, shitake mushrooms and kundur sugar and cooked with spices that increase the appetizing aroma.

The ingredients to make Kuih Chang Nyonya are:

•          Minced chicken filling

•          Shiitake mushrooms

•          Gourd sugar

•          Glutinous rice

•          Dry bamboo leaves

•          Straps

•          Pepper

•          Salt

•          Red onion

•          Dark soy sauce

•          Tauchu

•          Garlic

•          Calm flower water

•          Pandan leaf

•          Coriander

The way to make it is to first soak the bamboo leaves overnight and boil them so that, the bamboo leaves will become soft. Then, the glutinous rice that has been soaked will be steamed over the fire first and after being tied, it will be boiled for three to four hours. Usually, the bamboo leaves used come in various sizes depending on the taste of the maker. The color of Kuih Chang Nyonya that differentiates it from other Kuih Chang is a stunning blue color resulting from the essence of 'telang flower' water mixed with glutinous rice. An empty Chang cake without a core is called Kee Chang or "Ash" chang cake because it is cooked using ash water. It is delicious crushed or eaten with granulated sugar or Malacca sugar.

Usually, this cake is sold in the morning. This Kuih is not only enjoyed by the Baba Nyonya people as a breakfast menu. but is also enjoyed by various races in Malaysia, especially when it comes to the Kuih Chang festival which often takes place in conjunction with the Dragon Boat Festival. Although the process of making this Kuih Chang is quite complicated, the texture and uniqueness as well as the taste are so amazing that it is in high demand. The estimated price of Kuih Bak Chang is between RM5 a piece or more expensive, depending on the filling used.



Usahawan (Perusahaan Kuih Chang Halal)

Hairul Asraf bin Abu Hussain

No. 18, Jalan Duku 5, Taman Rumpun Bahagia,

75300 Bachang