Kuih Qasidah or also known as kuih hasidah is a traditional cake that is fat and sweet and rich in the aroma of fried onions. This classic traditional cake is popular in the state of Kedah. There are (2) two versions of kuih qasidah, namely, the North side version and the other one on the East Coast side. Shaped like a talam cake, the texture of this cake is soft and the combination of the flavor of fried onions gives a very unique sensation.

To make this cake, small onions are thinly sliced ​​and fried. Ingredients such as rice flour, sugar and water will then be stirred over the fire until it thickens and explodes. The stirring process is done non-stop over low heat so that it does not lump and burn. Then the cooked mixture is put into a pan that has been greased with oil and fried onions are sprinkled on top of the cake along with a little extra onion oil. Let the cake cool before cutting and serving.

This cake is very synonymous with the month of fasting and is often the choice of the community at the time of breaking the fast. But it can also be served at any time such as during afternoon tea with coffee or hot tea. It is very appropriate.


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