Kuih Bunga Pudak is a Malay traditional cake popular in Jitra, Kedah and is also a specialty there. The cake is so named in conjunction with the colour of the flower of the Pudak tree.

The ingredients for the cake's skin are glutinous rice flour, and sufficient amount of water and fine salt. For the filling the ingredients are grated coconut, granulated sugar, a little salt, rose flavouring, and yellow, red or green food colouring.

Fry the ingredients for the filling till dry and keep aside. Heat a wok using a low heat then shuffle a spoonful of the flour mixture into the wok using a strainer to achieve a round shape. Place the filling in the middle and fold the cake's skin to a square. Leave the cake for a while to be heated then lift. Repeat the process till the flour mixture is exhausted.

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