This custom of conserving or restoring the inheritance is carried out when the ‘perut’ group in a particular tribe commits an offense according to the Perpatih Custom. The failure of the men in the 'perut' to perform this tradition of restoring the heritage means that the’perut’ cannot be nominated for a position or hold a traditional heritage (positions in the tradition such as buapak, soko, board). In order to restore the inheritance of the men (ruang / cluster) who committed a wrongdoing, they will gather and hold a banquet / feast weighing the wrong (usually a cow) which is approved by the Dato' Lembaga of the tribe. At this time the traditional Dato'- Dato' from other tribes in the ‘luak’ will be invited and witness the slaughter and the custom of restoring this heritage.

Photo by State Museum of Negeri Sembilan

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