Wajik is a traditional food from generations of people in the past. This wajik is also a sweet that is loved by every class of society, especially the older people. Usually, these sweets are only available during festive seasons. However, in the Kuala Pilah district there are roadside stalls that sell this wajik even if it is not during the festive season. The main ingredients used in making this wajik are glutinous rice, enau sugar and coconut milk. The three ingredients will be cooked for hours until the compound mixture becomes viscous and thick. The uniqueness of this sweet is that it can be stored for a long period of time if this sweet is stored well and neatly. The use of pandan leaves in the making of wajik enhances the aroma of glutinous rice, coconut milk and enau sugar. People in the past prefer to store or wrap this wajik using banana leaves. This is because banana leaves have their own aroma and that aroma is what makes the wajik more unique and fragrant. Now, the way wajik is processed has changed over time, which is rapidly developing with technological sophistication. Nevertheless, this sweet still has its own fans even though there have been differences in terms of processing and packaging. Therefore, it is not surprising if this wajik is appointed as a heritage food in Negeri Sembilan.


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