These Gulai Pisang Muda and Fish Anchovies are very famous in Negeri Sembilan, especially for the former Malay community. We already know that people used to like to use raw materials found in their home environment to be used for cooking. Therefore, the use of young bananas in this goulash dish is not a strange or strange thing. This is so because this cuisine has been practiced since ancient times so, this cuisine has been raised as a traditional cuisine of the Negeri Sembilan community. This dish of Gulai Pisang Muda and Fish Anchovies is also offered in the menus of choice for food stalls in Negeri Sembilan because it is one of the traditional foods of the ancients. The choice of bananas in this dish is young sweet fat bananas instead of ripe ones. This is because if you use a ripe banana, then the banana will be too soft and crumble. Furthermore, if we use young bananas in this dish, we can get a shape that is still beautiful and strong. The preparation of the main ingredient, which is the young banana, is to peel the skin of the banana and cut it according to taste. Then, after peeling and cutting the young banana, it should be soaked in salt water. This is done to remove the sticky slime found in the young banana. The use of this sweet fat banana can also add natural sweetness to this dish in addition to the fat taste from the coconut milk and anchovies. Therefore, it is not surprising that this dish is still in demand from visitors because of its unique taste.


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