The purpose of this game is to search for team members and the team that has the most members will get the chance to defeat the opposing team. There are no tools required, only a beautiful song to be sung to accompany the game

Before starting the game, two players are appointed as leaders while the rest of the players act as "awak-awak" ("team members"). Usually the leaders are chosen based on their age or larger body size. The leaders are to choose their own nicknames. The nicknames cannot be told to the rest of the players; only both leaders know.

The game starts with both leaders standing facing each other holding their hands and lifting them up a bit. This is to ease the “awak-awak” to move and walk beneath the leaders’ arms. The team members have to walk while holding the shoulders of the player in front. While walking they sing a beautiful song as follows: 

Jan-Jan Jala, Jan Jala Itik, Jala Ayam

How many small holes, one hundred and fifty

Aunty Dayang stops by, munching betel leaf and become red lips”

 If the team with the lesser members is successful in pulling the opposing team then that team is considered the winner. If vice versa then the team is considered a loser.