Ambuyat, also called Linut, is a starchy food whitish in color with a sticky texture, originating from palm sago flour from the trunk of the sago palm tree called 'Ampulung'. This traditional food is well known among the Bisaya, Brunei, Bajau, Kadazandusun, and Murut ethnicities.

The sago flour is mixed with water and let it settle for about 10 minutes. Then discard the water and mix the sago flour with very hot water. Blend till the sago flour turns white or crystal clear and sticky which signifies it is cooked.

Ambuyat is eaten with a bamboo fork or chopsticks called 'candas' by rolling the tip of the fork to the Ambuyat, then dipping it into the sauce. It is more suitable to be eaten while it is still hot and drizzled with various types of sauce as a sauce such as stewed fish sauce, or ampap fish sauce.


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