It is said that Mi Kolok was brought in by the Chinese communities who migrated to Sarawak. Thus, this dish is abundantly served in Chinese food outlets. Other references include Mi Kolok in Malay, Kampua in Chinese, and Mi Rangkai/Kering in the Iban language. Basically this dish uses Yee Mee or dried mi served with slices of braised beef or chicken with its soup and sambal (hot chili paste).

To prepare the gravy braise the beef or chicken till tender with soup condiments, salt and an adequate amount of water. Then slice the meat when cooked. Put aside the gravy as it can be reheated and water be added in when the amount has reduced. For the sambal grind some chilies with garlic then mix with sweet soy sauce and the juice of musk lime.

Braise the noodle with a little salt till soft then drain. Heat a little oil, fry the sliced garlic till crispy then remove. Fry the drained noodle using the garlic's oil remnant, then enhance with vinegar, fish sauce or soy sauce and salt. Remove and put aside. Fry the sliced meat, add in thick soy sauce, sweet soy sauce, black pepper powder and salt. Blend well then remove.

To serve put the noodle into a serving dish and mix with a little of the sambal. Add in the fried sliced meat, fried garlic and garnish with sliced spring onion. Put aside a bowl of the gravy garnished with celery leaves for the soup.


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