Kek Lapis Sarawak is a traditional cuisine inherited through generations, well known domestically and internationally, and synonym with this Land of the Hornbill. The main ingredients are wheat flour, condensed milk, castor sugar, QL Omega egg and egg yolk, unsalted butter, evaporated milk, cheese spread, golden, syrup, ovalette and salt and other food enhancers according to one's own taste.

Beat the butter, evaporated milk, cheese spread, salt and golden syrup. Blend in the flour. Beat the eggs, castor sugar and ovalette till the mixture thickens. Line a 9-inch square cake tin with baking papers and brush with a little oil. Place and flatten an amount of the cake mixture into the cake tin and bake it in a pre-heat oven at 220C for three or four minutes or till the cake turns golden in colour.

Remove the cake tin from the oven, press the cake and flatten all the corners. Repeat the process of placing the cake mixture into the cake tin and baking it till all the mixture is used up. When done cool the cake on a wire rack.


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