Kuih Butir Nangka, or also known as Pengat Butir Nangka, is a popular traditional cake in Kelantan and Terengganu. The cake is so named as the cake's shape is round and has the size of a jackfruit. The cake is served with its gravy and has a rich taste.

To prepare the cake blend a little water, a little betel lime powder, a pinch of salt and green colouring from the juice of the ground pandanus leaf, or other colourings. Then blend in the glutinous rice flour a little at a time till the mixture becomes dough and doesn't stick to the palm. Take a little of the dough and shape into round or oval. Then drop the shaped dough in hot boiling water, lift it when it surfaces and place in a container filled with water.

For the gravy boil coconut milk, fenugreek, salt, palm sugar and a little rice flour. This mixture must always be stirred to prevent the gravy to become lumpy. Add in the drained cake, leave for a while then ready to be served.


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