The community of Baba Nyonya is indeed famous for its traditional food which is usually based on the cuisine of the Chinese community but adapted to the tastes of the Baba people who like spicy Malay cuisine. Buah keluak (Indonesian black beans) is the main ingredient in cooking that gives the effect color to this dish. Every Peranakan family has its own recipe with its own taste. Therefore, the best way to cook this dish is to follow the recipe and change it according to your taste. The main ingredients of this dish are keluak nuts and spicy sour source.


·        1/2 medium-sized chicken (cut into ten pieces, wash, and drain)

·        12 buah keluak

·        2 lemongrass sticks

·        1 liter tamarind water

·        1 tablespoon of chicken essence powder

·        Salt and sugar to taste

·        Water if necessary


Ground ingredients:

·        30 dry chili stalks

·        12 shallots

·        4 cloves of garlic

·        1 inch belacan

·        3/4 inc raw turmeric

·        5 lemongrass sticks (finely sliced)

·        1/2 inch galangal

Preparation of buah keluak:

Raw buah keluak must be washed clean and soaked for 7 days then the soaking water must be replaced with a new one every day. Buah keluak is then boiled on the seventh day for an hour before buah keluak mouth is opened.

How to cook:

·        Heat a tablespoon of cooking oil in a pan.

·        Add 2 lemongrass sticks.

·        Saute the ground ingredients until the oil breaks and smells fragrant.

·        Put the buah keluak in the stir-fry and cook for 2 minutes.

·        Add the cut chicken and mix until the chicken is half cooked.

·        Add tamarind water.

·        Add water to cover the chicken.

·        The sauce is almost thick, add salt, sugar, and chicken essence powder according to taste.

·        Mix until the chicken is tender and cooked.

·        Ready to be served.


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