Dodol is a traditional sweet usually found during Hari Raya celebrations or weddings. However, the famous sweets in Melaka and Northern Johor are increasingly popular and are in great demand among locals and foreign tourists. Dodol is made from glutinous rice flour, granulated sugar, coconut milk, melaka sugar, or enau sugar and is sometimes included in squeeze ingredients such as durian. If the dodol is to be packed, the ripe dodol is poured into a topong (small basket) made from the curded mengkuang. In this way, the dodol can be stored for one to two weeks before serving. Dodol, which is famous in Melaka, can be categorized as a sweet cake and is now popular and liked in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Sri Lanka. The ingredients are coconut milk, rice flour or glutinous rice flour, palm sugar, jageri (a red rock sugar derived from sugar cane juice or palm sugar), and salt. All these ingredients are mixed and stirred continuously over high heat for about three to four hours. The end result is that the mixture becomes sticky, thick, and with a sweet taste. There are many color versions of the dodol but they are mostly dark brown, green and yellow. The taste is also varied, with durian, coconut, and banana flavors, for example.


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