Cencaluk is a traditional food in Malacca. As tempoyak, cencaluk is also eaten together with rice and ulam-ulaman such as cucumber, mapi, jering, boiled bendi beans, long beans and bottled beans. Interestingly, this cencaluk does not need to be cooked like tempoyak and can be eaten raw. The flavor is a bit salty but appetizing and served together with musk or lemon lime and slices of onion and fresh rice chilli. The ingredients for making cencaluk consist of fresh small prawn, salt and water. For the first step, the lobster must be washed clean and filtered to remove excess water. The shrimp is then soaked in a mixture of water and salt. Clay pots or pots are usually used for the process of soaking these lobsters. The degree of salinity of the cencaluk is dependent on the amount of salt included during the manufacturing process. Therefore, avoid putting too much salt during the manufacturing process. Now, cencaluk is processed for commercial purposes and ready-made instant cencaluk products such as onions and chillies.  Cencaluk easily available around tourist hotspots in Melaka.


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