Asam Pedas is famous among the Malay community, especially in Melaka, and is liked by the people of the state as well as domestic and foreign tourists. Asam Pedas is well known among the Malay community, especially in Melaka, and is loved by the residents of the state as well as tourists from within and outside the country. Spicy acid is a dish synonymous with the state of Malacca as well as Johor. However, the spicy acid of Malacca and Johor has little difference. Melaka's spicy acid uses many spices which are a recipe for generations such as ginger, hard fruit, lengkuas, asam jawa, and belacan (shrimp paste) as well as a little cumin and fenugreek to add flavor. But the use of these ingredients depends on each other's taste to further enhance the cuisine. The main ingredients are either grille, mackerel, redfish, or whipped fish, while the additives are dried chili, shallots, garlic, belacan, ginger, lengkuas, live turmeric, lemongrass, kesum leaves, kantan flowers, java acid water, and either gelugur acid or lime leaves. The amount of all these ingredients follow the culinary measure.

The main ingredient is either wolf herring, mackerel, red snapper, or herring, while the additional ingredients are dried chilies, red onion, garlic, prawn paste, ginger, galangal, turmeric, lemon grass, ginger flower, kesum leaf, tamarind juice, and either slices of garcinia cambogia or kaffir lime leaf. The amount of all these ingredients is according to the amount of the dish.


1.                  10 pieces of stingray

2.                  12 okra bean sticks

3.                  2 tablespoons ground-dried chili

4.                  2 tablespoons fish curry spices

5.                  2 tablespoons turmeric powder

6.                  3 petioles of curry

7.                  2 lawang flower florets

8.                  1 inch belacan

9.                  2 tablespoons of daggers

10.               1 liter of tamarind water

11.                Some of  fenugreek (halba)

12.                Salt and flavoring powders

13.                Water to taste

To grind ingredients:

1.                  11 onion seeds

2.                  1 large onion pumpkin

3.                  5 reviews of garlic

4.                  1 inch ginger

5.                  1 inch galangal

6.                  1 small spoon of sweet cumin

7.                  1/2 tsp black pepper


How to Cook:

1.      Mix the curry spices with turmeric powder in a bowl filled with ground-dried chili.

2.      Sweet cumin, black pepper, and a little finely ground fenugreek are mixed together in a mixture of spiced dried chili.

3.      Pour a little water to seal all these materials.

4.      Heat the cauldron and put it in a bag of cooking oil.

5.      Enter the range of large onions, onions, garlic, and ginger.

6.      Saute and mix well until the smell rises.

7.      Put the spices that were scooped up earlier so that they rose in smell.

8.      Pour a little water to bring the spices to a boil.

9.      Add 2 tablespoons of salt and a little flavor powder.

10.    Put the tamarind water and screw it so that it boils.

11.     Put the okra beans in the dish and let it be tender.

12.     Reduce the heat of the kitchen and let it sit for a while so that the stingrays cook.

13.     Ready to serve.


Mohamad Dom bin Mohamad Saad

Asam Pedas Pondok Otek 

No.59, Jalan BKP 1,

Taman Bukit Katil Permai,  

75450, Melaka