Keria cake is not a traditional Melaka cake, but the Keria cake coated with Malacca sugar is something else and unique. The Melaka Sugar Keria Kuih is gaining popularity among Malaysians today. Its uniqueness is found in the Melaka sugar coating which has a taste that is of course different from the taste of granulated sugar. The basis is the same as other keria cakes which are to use boiled sweet potatoes, drizzled, plus a little flour to get a denser structure and then shaped round like a doughnut. To get a sweeter and tastier taste, it is better to use orange sweet potatoes. After getting the desired rounded shape, the sweet potato should be fried. While waiting for the fry to be completed, melaka sugar water is prepared for the process of dressing the keria later. This Melaka sugar Keria cake has a rather hard structure on its sugar sira but has a soft texture inside. It is more evident when eaten hot.


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