Inang-inang is a type of snack food originating from Melaka. It is named after the title mak inang in the palace who took care of the children of the king of Melaka. It is made from pulut rice, salt and a little dye. This pulut rice will be soaked for two days and then steamed for 1/2 hour. During steaming, dyes will be mixed to add to the pull of this cake. The hosts will then be shaped into a round using mold and will be dried in the sun until dry.


If you want to eat, fry it in hot oil. Now, kuih inang-inang is the choice of tourists who come to visit Melaka. Host manufacturing companies are also growing and hosts can be found with various other flavors including shrimp, black pulut, garlic and sago flavors. 


Hamidah Food Industry (Mamamidah)

KM 15, Bukit Dodol,

77300, Umbai,